Welcome to Belford Museum


This small, free, volunteer-run museum and resource centre is based in Belford’s historic Reading Room. Exhibitions about the men and women of Belford and how they lived their lives fill the front and back rooms on the right hand side of the building as you enter it. 

In the front room we also have a listening post on which you can hear residents’ memories of times past. This year's new displays include an Exhibition about the mills, farms and people of Waren and Spindlestone; the life of Eleanor Weatherly, whose diary describes life in this area at the beginning of the nineteenth century; and information about the local men who became Japanese Prisoners of War after the Fall of Singapore in 1942.

At the back of the hallway, is a resource and library area for those who want to research family connections with the village. If you need help with your research please complete a card on the table there, and a volunteer will get back to you, or alternatively e-mail your query to belfordmuseum@gmail.com The resource area also has an interactive screen allowing visitors to explore  a number of aspects of our heritage in more detail. This is a work in progress, and we look forward to its developing throughout the year.



Newcastle Courant 27 Dec 1878

On Saturday last, a tramp, with a woman and child, obtained lodgings at Mrs Doyle's, High Street, Belford. On leaving on Monday morning, he stole Mrs Doyle's shawl, and sold it in the town. He was followed to Alnwick by Police-Constable Joyce, apprehended, and lodged in Belford cells the same evening.


A Tale of Two Mills - £8

Eleanor's Diary £9